Ralf Glabischnig is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is actively building a worldwide Blockchain ecosystem with a focus on Switzerland and Liechtenstein the famous “Crypto Valley” and the Middle East also known as “Crypto Oasis”.
On top of this ecosystem his group is active in three business areas, Consulting & IT Services, Venture Capital and Venture Building!
Together with his business partners he is the founder and main shareholder of 20+ companies and invested in more than 100 startups through several venture capital structures.
His focus goes to the Inacta Group with ventures in the areas of Tokenisation (Tokengate.io), Securitization (Gentwo), Crypto-Payments (inapay) and Provenance (Proofx). Additional he initiated organizations to foster the ecosystem, like the SHED Business Club, DMCC Crypto Center and Crypto Oasis Ventures with connected coworking and event organizations. He has also been a founder of CV VC and CV Labs and a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and the Swiss Blockchain Federation.