Siegfried Herzog is a self-employed lawyer in Liechtenstein, who specialized in the fields of data protection law and compliance (regulatory framework of the Liechtenstein financial market). Before becoming self-employed, by setting up the compliance service provider CLL Compliance Labs AG in July 2019, Siegfried was a long-standing employee of a mid-sized Liechtenstein law firm, with expertise in the fields of civil, corporate and foreign trust law.

Since 2013, Siegfried had a strong focus on compliance provisions, policies and structures (due diligence law, anti-money-laundering provisions). Through his practical and theoretical commitment in the fields of data protection law and financial market regulation in Liechtenstein, Siegfried gained sophisticated and in-depth knowledge in developing processes that are compliant under Liechtenstein law while taking the economic needs of the affected organizations into account.

Siegfried received his legal training as a trainee lawyer at a mid-sized Liechtenstein law firm. He studied law at the University of Vienna (Austria), where he obtained his master’s degree in law. In 2014, Siegfried completed a post-graduate program in the field of banking and securities law at the University of Liechtenstein (LL.M.). Finally, he completed his doctoral degree in law in 2017.