Andriy Velykyy is a Warwick Business School alumni who joined the crypto space in 2015, starting with building mining farms. In 2016 he began working on the crypto payments integrations with Point-of-Sale devices (NCR included), cyber security, and non-custodial multi-chain crypto wallets with Allbridge future co-founder Yuriy Savchenko.

In May 2021, they started working on Allbridge feeling the lack of cross-chain products on the market. Since then, Allbridge has become the leading bridging solution with over $6.4 billion in bridged volume, offering the support of 18 different EVM and non-EVM networks. In September 2022, a new stablecoin-focused product was launched, enabling seamless cross-chain swaps of stablecoin assets between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Tron, and Solana.