Alireza Siadat, M.J.I., is a Partner at Annerton, a law firm specialized in regulatory law within the financial sector. His expertise lies in banking regulations, compliance, market entry, and the intricate regulatory framework of digital assets. He's adept at advising banks, crypto exchanges, and digital asset custodians on regulatory and licensing matters.

Beyond Annerton, Alireza holds several advisory roles, including at BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG, focusing on blockchain startups and digital assets. He also co-publishes for Wolters Kluwer's legal journal on the digital economy, specifically overseeing the Digital Finance and E-Commerce sections. Recognized as a co-founder of the Luxembourg-based thinkBlocktank a.s.b.l. and a board member of the European Commission's Blockchain Association, INATBA, and several other crypto firms, Alireza Siadat remains a central figure in the realm of digital finance and regulatory law.